Utukok River Uplands

Birthing Grounds for Alaska’s Largest Caribou Herd

At a Glance:

  • 7 million acres
  • Western Arctic Caribou Herd: 235,000 animals
  • Highest grizzly bear density in the Arctic
  • Important hunting grounds for Alaskan Native subsistence villages
  • Largest Special area in the Western Arctic
  • Home to the largest caribou herd in the country

The 7 million acre Utukok River Uplands Special Area span from the foothills of the mighty Brooks Range mountains through vast stretches of tundra and on toward coastal wetlands. As the main calving grounds for our nation’s largest caribou herd, this area is critical to the continued way of life for over 40 subsistence communities.

Arctic communities are not the only hunters on these lands, as the Uplands also supports the highest concentration of grizzly bears in the arctic. Alongside the grizzly bear you will also find wolverines, moose, raptors, and wolves, each carving out a living from the rich landscape of the Utukok River Uplands.

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