Kasegaluk Lagoon

Beluga Breeding Grounds

At a Glance:

  • Over 97,000 acres
  • Migratory bird habitat
  • Polar bear habitat
  • Haul out for Seals and Walrus
  • Beluga whale calving waters
  • Largest gathering of beluga whales in the Chukchi Sea
  • Important subsistence-use area

Spanning 125 miles along the Chukchi Sea coast, the Kasegaluk Lagoon sits on in the northeastern corner of the Western Arctic. In addition to supporting migratory birds, polar bears, seals, and walrus, beluga whales use the waters of the lagoon for moltingĀ and rearing their young inĀ these warmer, calmer waters.

The Kasegaluk Lagoon supports the largest gathering of beluga whales in the Chukchi Sea. These whales are also important subsistence resources for nearby communities, who continue to practice a traditional way of life, passed down for generations. (Photo Credits: Vicki Beaver and Laura Morse with NOAA)

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