Photo: U.S. Dept. of Interior


Even the most seemingly pristine and picturesque environments contain elements out of balance. One of the sadder facts of the wild and open Western Arctic landscape is that some of the amazing animals there are of special concern, threatened, or endangered. The global...
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The Cautionary Tale of Prudhoe Bay

Prudhoe Bay, or Sagavanirktok in Inupiaq, sits far up Alaska’s North Slope, at the northernmost terminus of the continent-spanning Pan-American Highway. The Bay was named in 1826 by Sir John Franklin, in honor of a classmate of his, Captain Algernon Percy, Baron...
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Subsistence Hunting and Fishing in the Western Arctic: The Village of Nuiqsut

The Western Arctic contains a dazzling array of features that make it a unique part of the United States. One of those is the practice of subsistence hunting and fishing. Outside of Alaska, most Americans know little about living off the land. Before the arrival of...
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