Western Arctic- Our Nation's Wildest Secret

Largest Unspoiled Treasure in America

World Class Wildlife

America’s Western Arctic

A living, breathing natural treasure, America’s Western Arctic is one of our nation’s wildest secrets.America’s Western Arctic is one of our last great, wild places. At 23 million acres—or the size of Indiana—the Western Arctic is the country’s largest single parcel of public lands. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management and with the unfortunate name of the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska, the Western Arctic is an undiscovered treasure for many Americans. Oil and gas development in the Western Arctic poses an immediate threat to wildlife and the continuity of this fragile ecosystem. Join us in our efforts to protect America’s greatest treasure.

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Even the most seemingly pristine and picturesque environments contain elements out of balance. One of the sadder facts of the wild and open Western Arctic landscape is that some of the amazing animals there are of special concern, threatened, or endangered. The global...
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The Cautionary Tale of Prudhoe Bay

Prudhoe Bay, or Sagavanirktok in Inupiaq, sits far up Alaska’s North Slope, at the northernmost terminus of the continent-spanning Pan-American Highway. The Bay was named in 1826 by Sir John Franklin, in honor of a classmate of his, Captain Algernon Percy, Baron...
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Migratory Birds of the Western Arctic

There are millions of “birders” in the U.S., but how often do we think about what makes the bird songs we love possible? It might be a surprise to learn that lovely background life music is directly related to the Western Arctic and its astonishing...
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Learn More about the Western Arctic Special Areas

America’s Western Arctic

Located on the Northern Slope of Alaska

Teshekpuk Lake

Wetlands of the Western Arctic

Colville River

Falcons, Fish, and Fossils

Utukok River Uplands

Birthing Grounds for Caribou

Peard Bay

Perfect Place for the Polar Bear

Kasegaluk Lagoon

Beluga Breeding Grounds

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